Bitizen FAQs

Q. What is Bitizen?

A. Bitizen is a political participation platform aimed at giving the public the tools to effectively engage with politics. Head to the homepage to find out more about our vision and our Understand | Participate | Change strategy.


Q. How is Bitizen any different from Twitter or Facebook?

A. Bitizen relies on impartial data from the UK Parliament. Unlike existing social media platforms, Bitizen has been created solely to bridge the gap between citizens and political decision-makers. We provide an inclusive and fact-based environment for political participation.

Q. What is the purpose of this community?

A. This community is has been created to test and iterate the first phase of Bitizen. You have joined a diverse community made up of members of the general public, lobbyists, activists, and charities all with a shared goal to create a more inclusive and fact-based platform for political participation.


Q. What kind of feedback do you want?

A. We want you to help shape Bitizen by giving us feedback on everything including design, content, usability, and suggestions for new features in the feedback area of the forum.


Q. Where can I download the app?

A. When you join our founders community you will be able to view the first few screenshots of the app. Once we have collected your initial feedback, we will make the changes and send the community members a link to download and use the app.


Q. How does the first phase of the app work?

A. This first phase of the application focusses on the newsfeed. We have consolidated parliamentary data from bills, readings, and motions, and gathered MPs tweets so you always have an impartial view of what is happening. You can personalise your newsfeed with topics most important to you, and understand other users' positions.


Q. How do you avoid trolls and misinformation?

A. The majority of content is from trusted sources. Once the platform is opened up to user generated content, we will implement a system of verification to ensure only real UK citizens have a voice and use various tools such as machine learning assisted moderation to keep discourse civil. We will also be promoting the notion of "listen more than you speak" and may introduce a mechanism to enforce this.


Q. How are you going to promote engagement?

A. We know everyone is different and there is no single 'correct' way to participate so we will use gamification elements to make engaging with politics more interesting. This includes a point system, badges for participation, and other ways we can support you and suggest different ways to engage more suited to you. We'd love to hear your suggestions on this in the feedback section of the forum.


Q. How can I commit to being truth-based?

A. As Bitizen is a fact-based platform, we encourage all users to take the Pro-Truth Pledge. This has been taken by over 12,000 people and organisations and shows your commitment to share, honour, and encourage truth in your interactions.


Q. What's the next stage of the process?

A. After this testing phase with 200 users, we plan to scale up and introduce Bitizen to more members of the public. We'll also provide more information about the implementation of the 'participate' and 'change' areas of the app. If you know people who would be interested in using the platform, please invite them to join this community. Head over to the Community Project Details section for more details.


Q. How do we communicate with you?

A. You can reach us directly through the forum live-chat feature, or by searching for us in the members page of the forum. If you want a more detailed chat, you can also email either of the co-founders on andrew/ian/ (delete as appropriate)