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A social platform, designed for politics

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Bitizen is a social platform that has adapted the tools we use on todays social media, to create a fit for purpose political social platform. We want to foster better understanding, participation and ultimately, use our combined opinions to help politicians make decisions in line with public wishes.


Why are we building this?

Explaining complex political terminology 

Improving information reliability

Helping to understand what the public is feeling

Healing divides between the public

Holding politicians more accountable

Giving the public a louder voice


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"To be honest, I don't understand politics and have no idea how it affects me"

Lets be fair, UK politics is downright confusing. Just how does the process of two people yelling at each other across the House of Commons dispatch box translate into laws we are all expected to follow on a daily basis? How does your MP represent your interests in this process and what power do they really have?

Bitizen works to make UK politics understandable. Our news feed allows you to easily find and follow subjects that are important to you while ensuring that complicated terms and processes are explained in a straightforward way. We provide a direct and unbiased view of Parliament, ensuring you're not exposed to misinformation while eliminating echo chambers.


"I really want to talk about current events but don't feel like I can be honest about my views."

We have reached a point where misinformation and echo chambers have created a divide whereby many people are fearful of sharing their thoughts as "cancel culture" means they could lose their job or friends for holding certain views. 

Bitizen has a public anonymity policy whereby peoples accounts are only recognisable by the posts they interact with and the constituency that they belong to. This is important for us to be able to share views freely while also being able to be challenged by others who want to have a debate and find points of common ground and understanding. We gamify this process to reward interactions that heal divides.


"I want to get involved but it seems pointless as I don't feel I can change anything"

I think we can all agree that with the development of technology, the public ought to have a more reliable and consistent channel of communication with their MP's and Parliament itself where change happens in line with public wishes.

Our method for tackling this with Bitizen is to aggregate data from interactions so that we can present real-time public opinion on any topic. The more interactions there are, the more accurate the opinion data is. This is a powerful resource for constituents to create groups, enter dialogue with MP's and understand the perspectives of their neighbours.
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We are assembling a group of 200 users to form our Bitizen founders community. The founders community is for early users who are passionate about our mission and want to help shape this platform by testing our app and providing feedback to the development team. Bitizen community members will be an integral part of shaping a more engaged, connected future for democracy in the digital world.